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Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, currently, all appointments are via Telehealth. Our practice happily uses the

Spruce App for all patient-provider communications. 


Spruce is a desktop, IOS, and Andriod compatible messaging system designed for secure and confidential communication between you and your provider. Whether you need to send a text, fax, or have a Telehealth appointment, this app is designed to be your complete communication center. Don't want to download the app? No problem! The Spruce App can also be used through any web browser.

Click the Icons below to get our practice Spruce link 


Interested in becoming a New Patient? Start the Process Today!


Fill out New Patient Inquiry 

Part of our practice policies includes filling out and submitting a New Patient Inquiry Form prior to becoming a new patient. This allows us to invite you to our private Spruce communication 


Fill Out Your New Patient Paperwork 

Part of our practice policies includes filling out paperwork prior to scheduling your first appointment. Once you've made your account and filled out the paperwork, send it through the secure messaging system inside the spruce app!

Already started but still need to fill out paperwork? Fill it out now! 

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